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Artist in Residence

Diana's Art Farm is offering an artists retreat space. We would like to offer you a supportive environment to put your creative mind to work without distraction. A place you can stay up all night if you want without disturbing anyone or being disturbed. Write, paint, design, or work with clay.


The space is a one bedroom one bath fully equipped kitchen to cook your own meals or you can have Diana provide some homegrown meals for you.  There is a painting studio in the living space including 2 easels. You provide your own canvases and paints. Supplies can be purchased nearby.  The living space is above a fully equipped ceramic studio.  Wheels, slab roller, extruder, tables, tools, etc. Both low fire and cone 10 clays can be purchased from Diana.  Diana is available for teaching, consultation, etc. at $50/hr, that can be scheduled in advance.  There is a gas kiln, high fire electric kiln and salt kiln for you to culminate your stay with a firing.  The salt kiln is only available during the rainy season January - May.  There is wifi included and a window with a view to sit in front of for writing and contemplation.  

: Thursdays

Meals: 1pm-4:30pm

Where: Diana's Art Farm

Cost: $150/Week


Thanks for submitting!

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