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Diana has been teaching ceramics since 1971. After graduating college with a degree in art and a K-12 certificate, she first taught as a high school art teacher at Decatur Central High  school in Indianapolis Indiana.  After moving to California, Diana taught at San Francisco State University, Sonoma State University, and Santa Rosa Junior college. She has taught a variety of ceramic  workshops in many college ceramic programs as well as private art centers such as the Mendocino Art Center and the Hoffman Art Center in Manzanita Oregon. She was also the owner and teacher of Tortuga Workspace for Ceramic Arts  in Petaluma CA for 22 years. 


Diana is now teaching in her home studio in Petaluma. Her specialty as an artist is both low fire ceramics and cone 10 porcelains and colored porcelains but she has worked in all clays and firing types. From wheel throwing techniques, hand building and slab construction, product design, studio design, kiln building, to art critique Diana has years of knowledge to help you with your ceramic practice. You tell her what you are trying to achieve and she will help you get there.  She works as your mentor as well as your teacher.   



Diana's reputation is in porcelain and colored porcelain, with almost 50 years of experience. After selling her ceramic school, she realized she still wanted to pass on her  ceramic knowledge.  Diana now teaches to 6 students on a weekly basis. This ongoing class takes place in Diana's home studio in Petaluma, CA.  This class is set up with your own work table plus storage for projects your are working on.  You get  use of the tools and facilities which include slab roller, extruder, electric wheel, hand tools, molds, underglazes, colored porcelain, glazes and firings. Please sign up if you are interested in this style of focused group class as spaces occasionally become available. This class is appropriate for all levels from beginner to advanced and is limited to 6 people. 

Day: Thursdays

Time: 12:30pm-4:00pm

Where: Diana's Art Farm

Cost: $105/Month



Diana is working privately with students on a weekly basis. Sometimes we all get stuck with our work.  One on one help and fresh ideas can be what helps you move through your potter's block.   Each session is an hour and a half to work on whatever you want.  She can helps you with  wheel work, hand building, designing/engineering, production techniques, surface decoration and more.   Limited sessions available. For available times please contact Diana directly.

Days: Wednesday & Friday

Available time: 1.5hrs (TBD)

Where: Diana's Art Farm

Cost: $75/Single session

$300/6 session series



One good thing that has come out of our pandemic is the variety of virtual classes that are now available to us. Thanks to video chat, Diana can work with anyone in their own workspace. She is offering the same instruction as an in person private lesson at the same cost but with the convenience of never leaving home .

Day: Wednesdays & Fridays

Time: 1.5hr session

Where: Virtual

Cost: $75/Session

$300/6 sessions

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