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Diana was born and raised in Speedway Indiana. Her first ceramic experience was as a child sitting around the dining room table painting molded ceramics with her mother. She grew up believing that every household had a kiln next to the dryer in the utility room. At age 15 she won first place in the Midwest ceramic competition. She attended Herron School of Art and Indiana University on Scholarship graduating with a degree in art in 1971.


In addition to her teaching experiences from 1971 to present, Diana is also a well known ceramic artist.  Diana has sold to over 250 galleries and museums across the country. Her work is in museum and private collections and has won several awards throughout her 50 years of working with clay. She has had one woman shows in places such as New York, Cape Cod, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Carmel. Her first 10 years were as a producer of porcelain Dinnerware.  Her work sold at stores such as Gump's in San Francisco, Macy's and numerous galleries. She competed for the award of maker of Dinnerware for the white house as well as a maker of Christmas tree ornaments for the Clinton administration's Christmas tree.  


In 1981 Diana bought her home and studio in Petaluma, Ca. and shifted to specializing in colored Porcelains.  She made decorative vases and wall pieces that looked like fabric.  Her ceramic quilts traveled in the Smithsonian Quilt show as well as the colored clay national show.    In1991 she shifted again to porcelain wall vases.  Her work decorates many corporate offices and facilities such as Kaiser Permanente, Disney, Hewlett Packard, and more.  

You may have seen her work in many of the craft shows in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Baltimore, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC, Sacramento, Seattle, and others too many to count.  



In 1981 Diana bought a farm in rural Petaluma. It had a main house built in 1955 and an ancient wooden chicken coup from Petaluma's egg producing days.  She immediately converted the coup into her ceramic studio and got to work. The property has been developed as a permaculture farm with organic gardens and fruit orchard as well as a working studio.  There are 6 kilns, 4 electric kilns, a gas kiln fired year round and a salt kiln fired only during the rainy season.


The studio is fully furnished with wheels, slab roller, molds, tools, and your own private table during classes and workshops. Light and spacious it is a wonderful place to work. 


The upcoming addition to the art farm is a retreat center for artists.  It  will be equipped as a painting studio, a writing desk, as well as access to the ceramic studio. The living space is a one bedroom with full kitchen, living room and bath. Diana and her partner Fred are excited to be able to offer this space as a place to let the creative juices flow uninterrupted. Please check back for updates on this opportunity.

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